The Finnish model

From a teacher colleague of mine today: He wishes were operated in a Finnish model. In this model they are very “initial loaded” with teacher expectations. That is, their are strict entrance requirements on teachers into teacher education. It is a rigorous initial education scheme (masters I think?) and then once qualified teachers are trusted to be professional. In NZ this is almost reversed. Teacher training is not limited entry, training is not as rigorous (6 weeks in some cases – Teach First NZ), but once qualified, teachers spend a lot of their time jumping through hopes with NZQA (moderation), and the education council (for their inquiry).

I would love to see someone do some sort of cost-to-benefit analysis of the teacher inquiry in NZ with a typical secondary teacher. By cost I mainly mean time, and benefit is of course to the teaching profession.

I know I sound very cynical with this post, but after a very long day with a few unsuccessful lessons, and a whole heap of administrative hoop-jumping, I feel Ive earned it…


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