Reading: Big Ideas in Science Education


Reminds me very much of the 7 cross cutting concepts of the NGSS in the US. These a little bit more specific, but I like the general idea of saying – “what is really important?”

  1. All matter of the universe is made of small particles
  2. Objects can affect other objects at a distance
  3. Changing the movement of an object requires a net force on it
  4. Total Energy is unchanged but can change from one form to another
  5. The composition and process of the earth affect its surface and climate
  6. Our solar system is a small part of the universe
  7. Organisms are cell based, and have a finite lifetime
  8. Organisms will compete for food, energy and resources
  9. Genetic info is passed down from one generation to another
  10. The diversity of organisms is a result of evolution

There are also 4 ideas about science

  1. Science is about finding causes of/in natural phenomena
  2. Scientific explanations, theories and models are those that best fit the evidence available at a particular time
  3. The knowledge produced by science is used in engineering and technologies to create products to serve human ends
  4. Applications of science often have ethical, social, economic and political implications

This list kind of answers the question – what is important for our kids to learn in science after they leave school.

There are a number of good readings at the bottom of the site too.


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